Feelings, not Logic

Anybody besides me sick of all the drama, negativity, and fighting on Facebook? Yeah, haven’t been on in a while. I had made a pact with myself that I would only post positive, uplifting, encouraging and truthful things, and I did up until I quit checking in on a daily basis. And I stayed out of political discussions. But I eventually had to disengage because of all the nastiness. Problem is the nastiness is following me around. People and newspapers and random bits on websites I frequent are still pushing themselves forward spewing their junk. I’m tired of it. I might feel better if I just say my piece and have done with it.

Most of the stories and political positions are based on emotion rather than logic. Take for example a piece from the Ann Arbor News about a rally/protest for an illegal immigrant currently in custody and awaiting the court’s decision about his fate. There’s a picture of his young wife addressing the crowd through a megaphone, holding a toddler on one hip. Her world has been shattered, she says. Her husband might be deported, and what would happen to her and the child? There’s another recent article about a woman with three children who ran a cleaning business until somebody found out she’s an illegal immigrant. More rallies, more protests, more speeches. The focus is on how long these people have lived here, the families they are raising, and how they have done no harm. Accusations of fear and discrimination fly around with the claims that these people aren’t criminals and shouldn’t be treated as such. Tugs your heartstrings, doesn’t it?

But they are criminals; they have broken the law. Rather than honestly attempting to immigrate, they have sneaked in and taken something that doesn’t belong to them. It’s rather like a homeless man moving into a foreclosed home and claiming it as his own. Or a woman shoplifting because her children need clothes. A homeless man and a poor woman have needs, granted, but they do not have the right to take from others in order to fulfill their own needs. Neither do illegal immigrants have the right to live and work freely in our country. Citizenship isn’t a right given to all who set foot on American soil. The law of the land necessarily states there are consequences for illegal aliens, such as deportation. If one breaks a law, one should be prepared to take the consequences for that wrong. It’s a gamble these people took, hoping they wouldn’t be discovered and made to accept the consequence. Their spouses took that gamble as well. And these couples have placed their children in tenuous situations. It is not fear or discrimination that will tear these families apart; it is their own illegal actions.

The same accusations of fear and discrimination have been applied to the immigration ban placed on six countries where terrorism is running rampant. So many refugees are running for their lives, and they certainly need shelter. But have a look at what’s been happening in Europe. Those countries that have opened their arms to embrace refugees have not tried to filter out the men who drove them out. They haven’t been able to regulate all these people, and many have refused to recognize the laws of their host lands. So there have been stabbings, gang rapes, and all sorts of violence. Wouldn’t we be wise to learn from that example and set in place new regulations before we accept the tide of refugees? We must remember that some are genuinely helpless, some will not be governed by the law of the land, and some are attempting to infiltrate our country in order to do harm. If we do not take the time to set up new regulations and properly vet these refugees, we will leave ourselves open to harm. We will have failed to protect both ourselves and the true refugees. It is not a ban on Muslims the government is attempting to put in place – if “Islamophobia” was at the heart of the case, we would see actions taken against Muslim Americans. No, it is a ban on lawless, violent men the government would put in place, and our lawmakers need time in order to implement new protocols to handle new threats to our safety.

Then there is the latest statement from President Trump regarding the decision against transgender people serving in the military. Instantly a cry of outrage went up. “Discrimination! Hate! Inequality!” Well, back up a minute and think. Have these people who are shouting disapproval ever served in the military? Have they had to train men and women for war? Have they counseled soldiers dealing with depression and PTSD? What do they know of how the military operates? I know nothing about the military, but I do know Trump’s decision was made after consulting military men. These guys have been there and done that, and they know what it takes to be a soldier. They know the stress on body and mind, the discipline, the trust, the obedience, and the sacrifice necessary to be a soldier. They know what strengthens an army and what weakens it. It is their expert opinion that transgender people should not serve in the military, and they must have reasons for it. If anyone would care to listen to them. But too many are busy shouting because they feel such a decision is an insult to transgenders. Again, feelings instead of logic.  Emotions instead of facts.

That’s the real problem here – every newspaper article I’ve read, every discussion I’ve heard or been part of has been based on emotion. Nobody is thinking, asking questions about the other perspective, or looking for facts on which to base their opinions. And you may think I’m blaming it all on Democrats, from the issues I’ve chosen to address here, but I know many Republican who are just as guilty of thinking with their feelings instead of their heads. Everybody’s running their mouths and forgetting that God gave them two ears and a brain between them.

I’m done now.